Samples Types

Blood Samples and Order of Blood Draw

This Section explains the different sample types that are mentioned throughout the various departments. They are coded in relation to the name of tubes and the Order of Blood Draw, Please see below:

Other Samples:


Important Notes To Remember

  • The Order of Blood Draw is important to follow to avoid contamination of tubes and maintain accurate results.
  • Please note that some blood tubes have specific fill lines that indicate the minimum of required volume sufficiently run the test. The blood volume need to be at or above the fill line otherwise the sample is considered insufficient to run the test with wrong sample \anticoagulant ratio that leads to change sample parameters.
  • Tubes require a minimum volume are :

Trisodium Citrate (Blue)

Lithium Heparin (Green)

EDTA (Purple)

Fluoride Oxalate (Grey)

  • Fasting Specimen – if the physician order a fasting Blood Test patient should be asked to fast for 8-14 hour depending on the test and the age of patient ,Fasting means nothing to eat or drink ,except water .patient should continue to take any medication which has been prescribed unless the physician advise No.
  • No chewing gum is allowed even the Sugar less variety .Smoking and exercise may affect the result as well, therefore no smoking no exercise prior to the test .Some fasting tests include fasting Triglyceride ,fasting Glucose and Lipid Profile.
  • Proper complete label must be DONE, Specify the age, sex and phase of cycle for women.


  • Clinical history must be provided.
  • Send the samples to Laboratory immediately (with in 1 hour).
  • Protect from light.
  • Do not store at refrigerator.
  • If Frozen send on ice.
  • Urine sample ideally first catch, mid-morning specimen.
  • Call Rayan prior collection.
  • Contact Rayan for further sample collection details.
  • Contact Rayan for sample collection Kits.